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A dense, amino-acid diverse protein source
used by environmentally conscious athletes
and weightlifters. 

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Protein science

Amino acids found in protein are the building blocks of all living organisms. We need complete proteins (composed of a wide variety of amino acids) for proper muscle growth and cellular regeneration. DNA itself is written with these amino acids.

FutureNutri provides a protein dense solution (73% by weight) that contains all of the 21 amino acids that create a complex, complete protein. This high protein/low fat ratio is ideal for muscle builders and athletes.

Traditional protein

Factory animals

Factory farmed meat is linked to diabetes, heart attacks to Alzheimers and male impotence to name a few. Meat production is a larger GHG contributor than cars and manufacturing.


Whey protein is usually loaded with sugars and artificial preservatives. Whey, which comes from milk, causes the same environmental damage that meat consumption and factory farming does.  


Soy is loaded with  'isoflavones' - an estrogen like compound that lowers testosterone in men. Soy farming also causes massive rainforest destruction according to the UN and the WFO.  

Our alternative

We're betting that Americans will eat more insects over the next few decades. This is due to the growing health consciousness and an increased concern for the environment. 

Protein that insects produce is as complex as meat. Its leaner and filled with more vitamins and minerals. Insects also produce 1% of green house gases compared with factory animals. Far from being gross, insects have the potential to unlock an era of 'guilt-free protein'.

CR Protein

CR Protein

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MW Protein

MW Protein

$27.00 - $129.60

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