Why weightlifters should use insect protein

Humans need protein to live a healthy life, and weightlifters need even more of it. A lot more. Recommendations vary from .5 grams per pound of weight to .9 grams for kilo gram of weight. Ultimately, we think everyone is different. Some people need more protein to gain weight and some people need less - you'll be the judge as you life weights and watch your body grow. That being said you still need a lot of it to get your swoll on.

Protein alone isn't enough

Weightlifters typically turn to whey or good old fashioned meat to fulfill their protein requirements. While these solutions are excellent sources of protein, protein alone isn't enough to grow muscle in the long term. You'll see short term gains, sure, but hitting the gym day after day is going to wear out your body. You need the right amount of various vitamins and minerals to help your bones and muscles repair themselves - so that you can go back the next day and tear it up again.

Here are the main nutrients that most Americans - weightlifters or not - are missing in their diet and that help with muscle repair and muscle growth:

  • B12 - Essential for cellular and mitochondrial repair (ie, muscles don't repair without it). Required to convert food into energy. Over 70% of American's don't have enough in their diet.
  • Selenium - Drastically reduces cancer causing free radical damage that weight lifting produces. 80% of American's don't have enough in their diet.
  • Iron - Repairs red blood cells and is essential to maintaining 'high energy levels'. If you're lifting weights with a low iron level you'll be tired all day.
  • Calcium - Muscles sit on bones. Weak bones, weak muscles - its that simple. Weightlifting is hard on the muscles, and most bodybuilders need more calcium in their diet to reduce recovery times.

Insect protein as an alternative

Besides the antiquated 'yuck' factor, there's no reason not to eat insects and every reason that we should eat them. One serving (30 grams) of cricket powder contains 19 grams of protein. That's 3x more protein than steak and 2x more than chicken. When it comes to insect protein versus meat protein, the former is more efficient for your body and your wallet. Its an easy decision.

And what about whey? Most whey protein brands have slightly less protein gram for gram than cricket powder. Whey Isolate however is approximately 90% protein per gram. While this may seem beneficial, this amount of protein is actually not found in any natural setting and is thus difficult for your body to process effectively.

Whey protein and other common protein powders lack the other nutrients necessary to effectively process the protein, repair cells and repair bones. Insect based protein, completely natural and organic, contains all of nature's ingredients to promote muscle growth. Its loaded with B12, Calcium, Iron, Omega Fats, Selenium - all the things you're missing in your diet right now probably. Best of all its infused with the protein, so your body can process these ingredients simultaneously (like its supposed to, the natural way).

For these reasons we really think you should give insect based protein a shot. We offer two products geared towards your specific weightlifting needs. Our mealworm solution is loaded with healthy fats and complex proteins, perfect for when you're looking to put on mass. Our cricket solution is a low fat alternative, with a very low fat to protein ration - perfect for building lean muscle or when you are cutting weight.

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