About Us

Our Values

FutureNutri is a company based on values. We care about the environment, we care about the health of everyday folks, and we care about helping humanity move forward. 

How we're making an impact

We are lowering the environmental cost of human protein consumption. Humans need protein, and we shouldn't have to choose between having enough protein or being environmentally conscious. We also want to provide a healthier protein option for Americans, who are constantly served meat filled with antibiotics and hormones.

What we make

Insect based protein powder - the perfect solution to our protein problems. Pound for pound, insects have 3x the protein of beef and take around 3% of the resources to produce. We don't have to all stop eating farm factory food. By reducing our meat intake and relying on insect based protein partially we can save massive amounts of water and drastically reduce our carbon footprint.