Product Nutritional Facts

FutureNutri is committed to using 100% organic products that contain no GMO's. We don't add sugar to our products. None of our ingredients are made in a laboratory - all of them come from nature. Our protein supplement is highly nutritious, and though its great for bodybuilding it can also serve as meal replacement. We think compounds like these, made from plants and insects, will play a big role in feeding humans in the near future.

All nutritional facts listed are for 1 serving size (30 grams):

FutureNutri Enhanced C Protein

Ingredients: Cricket powder, hemp powder

Nutritional Facts: protein 17 grams, fat 3 grams,  iron 22.5%, calcium 6%, B12 19%, B2 13%


FutureNutri Enhanced MW Protein

Ingredients: Mealworm powder, hemp powder

Nutritional Facts: protein 15 grams, fat 5 grams, iron 20%, calcium 25%, B12 18%, B2 14%